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Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working

Industry all-rounder makes tyre problems history with TyreWatch TPMS

PJ Thory Ltd, whose diverse operation spans mixed haulage, aggregate supplies, waste management and demolition, has installed a TyreWatch system to monitor and control the tyre maintenance and safety for each tyre on their extensive 8-wheeler HGV fleet.

TyreWatch on the shortlist for Innovation at Motor Transport Awards

The Motor Transport Awards have announced the shortlist of finalists for 2021 and TyreWatch have been nominated as one of the contenders for the innovation award.

TyreWatch introduce cost-cutting safety solution for commercial van sector

TyreWatch, the commercial vehicle tyre management experts, have introduced a new version of their widely used VanSmart tyre monitoring system, to improve safety and reduce running costs for light commercial vehicle operators.

D&L Haulage cut tyre costs with smart solution from TyreWatch

Poole, Dorset-based walking floor specialists, D&L Haulage (Dorset) Ltd have always paid for tyre services on an as-and-when basis but not anymore, says the company. These days they're saving time and money thanks to the TyreWatch tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and tyre service provider Universal Tyres.

Revolutionary connected management for every tyre and wheel

In today’s connected world – you expect a fleet TPMS solution to work everywhere. To support your vehicles and trailers over every mile of every journey they make.

TyreWatch was designed to provide exactly this – through the union of continuous tyre monitoring, formula 1 style telematics and powerful artificial intelligence. Providing constant and real-time visibility of the precise condition of every tyre across your fleet seamlessly. With the power to detect any problems from the very start before the issue can build. Enabling timely and safe maintenance or repair – minimising risk, downtime and cost.

Our powerful telematics platform will drive smart insights into your fleet tyre management.

TyreWatch is smart, simple to use and works seamlessly to understand your tyres.

TPMS Alert system for trucks and commercial vehicles

Work Smarter

TyreWatch is smart connected technology that gives your business instant visibility on the condition of every tyre in your fleet. Giving you early identification of escalating tyre issues; preventing tyre failure and improving road safety. It also empowers your service team to stay one step ahead of routine tyre maintenance. Plus, you understand which tyres are operating safely and efficiently. Helping you make smart decisions to ensure your fleet delivers to schedule, to streamline tyre maintenance, and to reduce your costs.

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You can rely on TyreWatch to

  •   Show real-time visibility of every tyre in your fleet
  •   Maximise vehicle uptime
  •   Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  •   Improve road safety for everyone
  •   Lower environmental impact

One technology solution for your whole fleet

We recognise that every business will operate a wide range of commercial vehicles from a selection of different manufacturers.

TyreWatch is engineered to work seamlessly with every existing tyre already fitted to your vehicles and trailers. There is absolutely no need to buy new tyres or run the same brand of tyres. This enables you to benefit from one truck tyre monitoring platform across every vehicle in your fleet.


Tyrewatch TPMS is impartial, independent and multibrand
tyre pressure monitoring for all trucks and commercial vehicles

Tailored TyreWatch solutions

Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working

Tyrewatch - Connected Truck Tyre Monitoring Technology

Connected tyre technology

Modern. Connected. Sustainable.

Modern commercial vehicles are unquestionably the most reliable ever, consequently mechanical failure today is very rare. This reliability results in traffic congestion and tyre incidents as the prime causes for your drivers not reaching their destination to schedule.

Today business relies on connected technology across their fleet. From telematic platforms that manage operational, navigation and regulatory compliance for their drivers. To vehicles that remotely schedule workshop visits following self-diagnosis of their maintenance requirements.

TyreWatch extends the same ‘connected’ technology to revolutionise tyre and wheel management. Disrupting the established norms of reactive tyre husbandry and roadside breakdowns – with smarter sustainable digital working practices. To ensure your fleet delivers on the operational challenges it faces every day.

Saving business money

Avon Material Supplies (AMS) operate a mixed fleet of 30 HGVs which work across both construction and demolition sites. Their principal business disruption was tyre failure despite regular inspections and good scheduled tyre maintenance.

In the first quarter after installation on 17 HGVs, TyreWatch achieved:

  •   A 40% reduction in roadside tyre breakdowns
  •   92% of punctured tyres were safely repaired – after the vehicles had completed their journeys, in the safety of AMS’s premises
  •   Cost savings of over £1,800

In year 1, TyreWatch saved AMS over £7,000. Now TyreWatch is installed across the balance of their fleet, this amount is forecast to double.

TyreWatch will make a significant return on your investment.

Use Tyrewatch TPMS and reduce truck tyre costs

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