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Industry all-rounder makes tyre problems history with TyreWatch TPMS

PJ Thory Ltd, whose diverse operation spans mixed haulage, aggregate supplies, waste management and demolition, has installed a TyreWatch system to monitor and control the tyre maintenance and safety for each tyre on their extensive 8-wheeler HGV fleet.

Working with TyreWatch technicians and Prometeon Tyre Group, the agro and off-road tyre specialist, PJ Thory, undertook an analysis and short trial to assess their requirements and bed-in the new TPMS (tyre pressure management system), which is now fitted to 11 Scania vehicles with a number of new DAF 8 wheelers to follow.

“We supply a wide range of services to the construction, agricultural and commercial industries,” explains Transport Manager, Malcolm Agger, “all of which require hardworking HGV vehicles and often in demanding off-road conditions. Tyre maintenance therefore is a daily priority, not just for commercial reasons but for safety and the environment too.”


To this end, each wheel rim in the fleet was fitted with a unique TyreWatch sensor (by local dealer Central Tyres), which uses the latest telematics technology to monitor the pressure and temperature of each tyre in real time. This then enables the PJ Thory team to detect and correct any issues before they become serious.

“We have dashboard monitors” explains Malcolm “which use a simple on-screen graphic to show each tyre status. When it’s green all is OK, yellow means there’s an issue to check and red tells us we have a problem which needs immediate attention.”Malcolm goes on to say that not only will the traffic office be informed of tyre pressure issues on their mobile or PC long before any driver is even aware of a problem, but also, he can remotely check the temperature of every wheel while it is in use.
“The tyre pressure might be fine,” he adds “but if for example the system automatically sends me a mail with a heat alert, it could be because there is a braking issue or maybe the bearings are worn. Either way, we can quickly diagnose and correct the problem.”
Prometeon Tyres Fleet Business Manager, Jon Coyle is working closely with PJ Thory, Central Tyres and TyreWatch to help with the installations, early results and ongoing analysis.
“It’s a great system and so easy to use. Our tyre partner, Central Tyres, can also log in to view the real-time monitoring data and this provides additional analysis and tyre management control. We see long term benefits in break-down reduction, tyre cost savings and environment protection - owing to decreased particulate emissions from excessive tyre wear.”

The PJ Thory eight-wheeler fleet comprises a mixture of low and high-sided bodies while their artic fleet has additional options such as ejector and “walking floor” trailers, low sided aggregate trailers and a specialist low-loader for heavy duty work. All of which says Malcolm Agger are equally susceptible to punctures and tyre damage.

“It’s not possible to detect every problem during a tyre inspection and undiagnosed problems can lead to excessive wear, downtime or accident risk. I’m pleased to say however, the TyreWatch system is making all this a thing of the past and no question, it’s the best thing for compliance we have ever fitted!”

Glenn Sherwood, Director of TyreWatch, added “We are delighted that PJ Thory, Prometeon and Central Tyres are profiting from the real-time benefits of the TyreWatch Platform, which has enabled them, very quickly, to appreciate the added value this brings to their tyre management solutions. It’s also great to see that TyreWatch’s development over the last 5-years is paying dividends to fleets like PJ Thory in sustainable mobility.”

PJ Thory truck fitted with Tyrewatch TPMS

Truck tyre management for PJ Thory

HGV tyre problems are history with Tyrewatch TPMS