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TyreWatch work with all businesses keen to reduce risks, improve fleet efficiency and save money. We operate through two business channels:

Indirect channel

Where TyreWatch is supplied to the vehicle fleet operator through an intermediary – typically a tyre service provider, business telematics integrator, vehicle maintenance specialist or leasing company. TyreWatch is typically specified to leverage efficiency across the end-user’s fleet or as part of a Repair and Maintenance contract to minimise tyre costs.

Get in contact with us to find authorised TyreWatch Partners in your Region or Industry. You will benefit from all the local support and advice you will need from their technical and sales teams. With rapid installation by trained and certified professionals.

Direct channel

Where we provide TyreWatch directly to the vehicle fleet operator. This option is often favoured where the client blends outright purchasing and leasing across their fleet, runs vehicles from different manufacturers, or has more than one tyre service provider. TyreWatch can be quickly deployed across their fleet to maximise tyre efficiency, with tailored access to your portal for the relevant parties.

Credit Application and Software Licence Agreement

Whichever channel you choose –please download and complete our Software Licence Agreement and Application for a Credit Account:

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  •   Improve road safety for everyone
  •   Lower environmental impact

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