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Q: Will TyreWatch work on all my commercial vehicles?


Yes, our tyre pressure monitoring for commercial vehicles will work on every vehicle in your fleet:

  •   HGV tractors & trailers
  •   PSV coaches
  •   Tippers, rigids, flatbeds
  •   Car transporters
  •   Blue light services
  •   Vans
  •   Light commercial vehicles (LCVs)
  •   Light goods vehicle (LGV)
  •   Construction services
  •   Waste services
  •   Industrial heavy plant
  •   Earth moving plant
  •   Heavy civil engineering
  •   Plant hire companies

and everything in between with pneumatic tyres.

Q: Will TyreWatch work with every commercial tyre?


Yes, TyreWatch works with every size and type of tubeless and tubed tyre:

  •   new tyres
  •   retread tyres
  •   radial tyres
  •   crossply / bias tyres

But more importantly, it will work with every tyre already fitted to your wheels.

Q: Will TyreWatch work with every tyre brand?


Yes, we recognise your business will operate a range of different commercial vehicles from a selection of manufacturers. Accordingly, your fleet will operate a multi-brand tyre policy. That’s why our pressure monitoring system for trucks, tractors, coaches, trailers, vans and heavy plant is designed to work with the widest possible range of tyre brands:

  •   Apollo
  •   Bandag
  •   Bulldog
  •   Bandvulc
  •   BF Goodrich
  •   Bridgestone
  •   Continental
  •   Dunlop
  •   Firestone
  •   Goodyear
  •   Giti Radial
  •   Hankook
  •   Maxam
  •   Maxfield
  •   Michelin
  •   Nokian
  •   Pirelli
  •   Tigar
  •   Triangle
  •   Trelleberg
  •   TTS
  •   Vaculug
  •   Westlake

TyreWatch will work with any tyre already fitted to your vehicles. Then, when they wear out and need replacing, you are free to fit the tyre brands you choose.

Q: What tyre sensors will TyreWatch work with?


The TyreWatch commercial tyre pressure monitoring system is a powerful technology platform that operates with a range of wheel sensors:

  •   OEM tyre sensors fitted by truck manufacturers during production.
  •   TyreWatch internal sensors are securely mounted to the rim inside the tyre. Suitable for both steel and alloy wheels.
  •   TyreWatch external valve cap sensors are auto-calibrating and quickly installed.
  •   TyreWatch internal IPX8 waterproof sensors for use with heavy plant running water ballasted tyres.

Sensors will not need to be replaced when replacement tyres are fitted.

Q: Will TyreWatch work with multiple trailers?


Yes, it is designed to work with every trailer in your fleet. We recognise there are typically between two to three trailers for every HGV tractor, reflecting the need to maximise the drivers’ productivity, encouraging drop and hook logistics. To ensure our tyre telematics for trailers is active throughout every journey – the system is designed to seamlessly connect the trailer to the HGV tractor without any driver involvement.

TyreWatch TrailerSmart can operate as an intelligent stand-alone system for trailers pulled by third party hauliers not protected by TyreWatch Designed for businesses who own their trailers but contract with third party HGV tractor hauliers or owners to deliver their goods.

Q: Can TyreWatch be used with dangerous goods?


Yes, TyreWatch can be used with HGVs, tankers and trailers carrying dangerous goods. The control unit is enclosed within an ATEX compliant enclosure, which will not affect its performance in any way.

Q: When I change tyres will I need new sensors?


No, the process of fitting new tyres does not affect TyreWatch. The sensors are mounted inside the wheel or externally to the valve stems depending on application. Just remount the same wheel or valve cap sensor to the same axle location. This will save valuable administration time compared with some technologies where the sensor is mounted to the tyre.

Q: How long do TyreWatch sensors last?


TyreWatch sensors are highly accurate and report to an accuracy level of +/-1%. In normal use, the sensors are designed to last for three to five years; the lifespan of their internal batteries.

Vehicles operating in hostile environments can experience a significant number of tyre related incidents. This high level of alerting will reduce the battery life of the sensor.

Should the TyreWatch system alert it will continue to alert until repair or maintenance is performed and the issue is resolved. Any undue delay in performing this repair or maintenance will consequently result in high levels of alerting and therefore reduce the battery life of the sensor unnecessarily. This delay can also reduce the service life of the tyre and negatively influence the vehicle’s handling, braking and stability – increasing risk unnecessarily.

Q: Will TyreWatch improve safety for my fleet?


Yes, TyreWatch will significantly reduce the risk of avoidable tyre failure in your commercial vehicle fleet – improving safety for everyone. The UK’s Department of Transport report that tyre failure is the most common mechanical cause of vehicle accidents.

Q: Where will TyreWatch monitor my tyres?


Our truck tyre monitoring system is designed to continuously monitor every tyre throughout every journey. Every installation continuously transmits data to the TyreWatch server using mobile connectivity. This enables us to predict or detect issues in real-time – whilst the vehicle is working.

Q: Will TyreWatch identify routine maintenance requirements?


Yes, your TyreWatch dashboard will display the tyres across your vehicles and trailers which are under or above their median pressure, but within safe operating margins. This continuously accurate pressure report is accessible by your fleet management office or tyre maintenance team.

This visibility provides a precise list of tyres across all your vehicles and trailers that need to have their pressure corrected. As well as those that require no maintenance. We call this 'digital servicing by exception' – saving your tyre maintenance team the time-consuming task of carefully checking every single tyre.

Additionally, our pressure monitoring system for trucks can report mechanical issues. For instance, a temperature increase without any pressure loss could indicate a binding brake, hub failure, damaged suspension, or incorrect wheel alignment.

Q: How will I know if there is a problem with my tyres?


TyreWatch provides constant and real-time visibility of the precise condition of every tyre across your fleet. With the power to detect any problems from the very start.

TyreWatch knows which tyres across your fleet need routine pressure correction. The precise list is accessible on your TyreWatch dashboard for your fleet management office and tyre maintenance team. The vehicles or trailers are shown in Yellow.

TyreWatch knows which tyres have just picked up a slow puncture. This early intervention will enable safe and timely repair before the problem would become obvious at daily visual checks. The escalation alert shows vehicles or trailers in Orange on your TyreWatch dashboard.

TyreWatch knows which tyres are experiencing rapid pressure loss or high temperature. These Red Critical Stop Alerts are immediately communicated to the driver, your fleet management office and your mobile tyre service provider. Minimising the risk, downtime and cost of roadside tyre failure.

Q: Will TyreWatch save my business money?


Yes, TyreWatch will make a positive return on your investment. According to research 20% of HGV tyres are under-inflated by 10%. This increases fuel consumption by 1% wasting fuel unnecessarily and accelerating tread wear by 10%. A further 5% of HGV tyres are under-inflated by 20%, which increases these to 2% and 30% respectively. With separate research reporting that 57% of van tyres are under-inflated.

With our tyre telematics for trucks and trailers you benefit from a continuously accurate list of tyre pressures. This saves your tyre maintenance team the time-consuming task and cost of carefully checking every single tyre. This visibility ensures your vehicles and trailers will consistently operate with the correct tyre pressure. This will significantly reduce fuel consumption through optimising rolling resistance. With the reduced friction also preventing excessive and premature tyre tread wear – decreasing the number of tyres you will need to purchase.

The TyreWatch TPMS system for trucks features powerful artificial intelligence to rapidly identify issues. Any slow but consistent pressure loss will be communicated to your tyre maintenance team. This early intervention will enable safe and timely repair when the vehicle arrives at its destination. Left unidentified, this could have resulted in a roadside tyre breakdown and premature tyre replacement.

Whilst rapid pressure loss or high temperature levels will generate a Red Critical Stop Alert. This will enable the driver to stop before the situation escalates, potentially saving the tyre from being damaged beyond the limits of repair.

TyreWatch will reduce truck tyre costs across your fleet.

Q: How does TyreWatch help the environment?


TyreWatch ensures your fleet consistently operates with the correct tyre pressures which optimises rolling resistance. This is well known to reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. With the reduced friction also preventing excessive and premature tyre tread wear. This both minimises the volume of particulate emissions (PM2.5 and PM10) and also microplastic tyre debris; ultimately destined for fresh water and the oceans.

TyreWatch truck tyre monitoring will actively reduce the number of tyres your fleet will purchase. With real-time connectivity and the power to detect any problems from the very start before the issue can build. This early intervention will virtually eliminate run-flat tyre damage – enabling timely and safe maintenance or repair.

Q: Can TyreWatch connect with the CANbus data network on my vehicles?


Yes, our tyre pressure monitoring for commercial vehicles can operate like it was factory fitted when connected to the CANbus data network on your vehicles. This enables it to use the vehicle’s dashboard display to display critical alert warnings. Should the vehicle be equipped with payload sensors, TyreWatch can add weight monitoring to the parameters. Tyrewatch is designed to ISO 11898 and SAE J1939 CANbus standards for maximum compatibility with global vehicle manufacturers.

Q: Will TyreWatch work with other telematic platforms?


Yes, TyreWatch can integrate with well-known third party telematic platforms, typically fleet solutions that leverage efficiency across operational, regulatory or business performance. You will benefit from exactly the same levels of TyreWatch protection. Your telematics dashboard will feature our dynamic reporting, with every feature and report available on your linked TyreWatch dashboard.

Q: How secure is my data?


We take responsibility for your data very seriously. We employ sophisticated security protocols across the entire TyreWatch platform and only share your tyre data and appropriate business data with your tyre service or vehicle maintenance providers.

Q: Where is my TyreWatch data used?


We value the tyre data we collect from your truck tyre pressure management system and use it to provide unbiased analytics on tyre performance. This is used for the benefit of your business and for us to improve TyreWatch technology. As an independent company we are free of any manufacturer bias, which ensures we provide impartial reports on tyre performance across your fleet.

Q: Where can I get TyreWatch fitted?


We have a network of approved installers. We can also train your tyre maintenance teams to install the TyreWatch truck tyre pressure monitoring system.

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