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Total alignment on service, safety and cost savings

Our relationship with parent company DTM means that, with the same high standards, full visibility and accountability, we
will support your fleet operations with a seamless tyre management solution. We keep your fleet operational, from initial
detection of tyre issues, insight gathering and consultative input, through to customer support and localised preventative
tyre maintenance

Learn how TyreWatch benefits your fleet and your business to:

DTM’s unique and meticulous approach


Whether your fleet is 10 or 10,000 vehicles, from cars and vans to HGVs, buses or agricultural plant, DTM’s proactive approach to fleet tyre management will minimise downtime, reduce operating costs and support you in meeting your fleet’s operational SLAs.

Our teams, across Operations, Customer Service and Account Management draw on over 150 years’ experience in tyre management and performance and this, aligned with understanding your customers’ vehicle workloads, enables us to provide valuable insight, advice and solutions tailored to individual customers needs.

In-house 24/7/365 Customer Service


An in-house team of experienced, knowledgeable Customer Service Agents answer calls and respond to customer enquiries 24/7/365.

90% of calls answered within 20 seconds (average 8.4 seconds)

100% of calls answered within 40 seconds

DTM’s teams understand the seriousness of roadside breakdowns and are fully equipped to manage all types of urgent service requests. Working with UK-wide network of Service Partners, we ensure the best possible ETA and that all service requests are carried out effectively and in full compliance.

call center

Largest UK Service Partner Network

ISO tags

DTM have the largest UK Service Partner Network, with 2,400 accredited service providers, supporting customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe. 5,000 mobile fitting vehicles enable total 24/7/365 coverage via a single point of contact at DTM.

Agreed tyre stock will be held by nominated Partners, to ensure availability and speed of response, wherever our customer vehicles require assistance.

Each Network Partner is audited to ensure health and safety, legal and operational compliance. Quality checks and compliance audits are conducted annually to ensure full adherence to our ISO standards.

Through the same UK-based call centre, DTM provides multiple service points in all geographical areas across Europe.

All Service Partners are integrated into DTM live systems to provide customers with real-time updates.

Interpretation of data insight and proactive solutions


Real-time reporting via DTM’s market leading reporting systems and customer portal, TAMS, provides management information resulting in full transparency of contract performance (KPIs) and fleet compliance.

Integrating with fleet management data (API, SFTP etc), this comprehensive MI covers all areas of tyre wear, damage, compliance and expenditure. You and your management team can view live reports and make informed decisions at vehicle and driver level.

The knowledge and experience of DTM’s team means that these data insights are monitored and interpreted, and, through a meticulous proactive approach, preventative maintenance is carried out, avoiding vehicle downtime before it happens.

Environmental responsibility

DTM’s mission is to deliver the best possible service for our customers, while reducing the number of tyres we use. We achieve this through:
  • Analysing data on tyre damage and change-frequency
  • Ensuring use of the right tyre for the application
  • Maximising casing use and extending tyre life
  • Intelligent tyre management and tyre rotation
  • Driving training to avoid unnecessary damage
  • Recycling and repurposing end-of-life tyres
Services are fully auditable, to demonstrate that our zero waste-to-landfill responsibilities are fulfilled.

Driver Training


Working with DTM, Toolbox Talks are all part of the service, enabling your drivers and operating centres to be educated to improve safety and compliance and protect your operators’ licence. Toolbox Talks held at your sites provide:

  • Tyre knowledge training
  • TPMS monitoring
  • Tyre working group
  • Tyre performance evaluation
  • Safety posters
  • Controlled tyre trial evaluations
  • Manufacturer technical support

Providing all the information your drivers need to improve the quality of daily vehicle checks, increasing safety standards and, combined with TyreWatch technology, ensuring full fleet compliance.

Benefits to our customers

  • Industry leading response times – minimising downtime
  • Preventative maintenance – reducing annual tyre costs
  • Assured legal compliance – auditable for total fleet visibility
  • Manufacturer independence – right tyre for the application
  • Environmental responsibility – lowering carbon footprint

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