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TyreWatch PlantSmart

We understand the challenges you face in keeping your plant mobile.

Operating in hostile environments your off-highway tyres remain the most common cause of costly machine downtime. When your plant isn’t operational, vital daily deadlines will be missed.

Designed to give you complete peace of mind, TyreWatch PlantSmart is engineered to detect any plant tyre problems from the very start and whilst your plant is working hard. This advance notice will enable timely tyre maintenance or safe repair before any damage can build – minimising risk, downtime and cost. As well as before the issue would have become obvious at the daily visual inspections or scheduled maintenance.

TyreWatch is smart technology, that is simple to use and proven to drive machine efficiency. With the best visibility of your plant tyres, your business will benefit from improved fuel economy and maximum tyre service life. Combined, these will reduce carbon emissions and lower your environmental impact.

You can rely on TyreWatch to keep all your plant operational.

Powerful technology

Work Smarter

TyreWatch is smart, simple to use and works seamlessly to understand your tyres.

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FIVE reasons to rely on TyreWatch

Discover the five key benefits TyreWatch brings to your business and to your fleet.

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How to buy

TyreWatch work with all businesses keen to reduce risks, improve fleet efficiency and save money. 

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Tyre Telematics for all Plant Vehicles

Suitable for

  •  All heavy plant
  •  Earth moving
  •  Heavy civil engineering
  •  Aggregates, quarrying and mining
  •  Waste services
  •  Plant hire companies

The Business Case

  •  The high cost of plant machinery prohibits spare capacity in your heavy plant fleet. Your machinery has to be mobile to maximise the operator’s productivity and to reduce your operating costs.
  •  Radial and bias plant tyres have exceptionally rigid side walls. During daily inspections there are few visible signs of a tyre under-inflated by 20% – making it easy for an operator to miss.
  •  Plant is designed to carry exceptionally heavy loads. If your tyres are under-inflated, they will quickly overheat significantly reducing service life. Left unchecked, this can lead to costly premature tyre failure.
  •  With today’s high levels of health and safety compliance, it is becoming increasingly harder for operating sites to rectify tyre pressures in-house.
Digger fitted with TyreWatch PlantSmart

Tyre telematics for all Plant Vehicles

Works with every tyre

We recognise that every business operates a wide range of heavy plant from a selection of different manufacturers – giving you a multi-brand tyre policy. TyreWatch is engineered to work seamlessly with every tyre already fitted to your plant; there is no need to buy new tyres. This enables you to benefit from one tyre monitoring platform across all your heavy plant.

Plant Vehicle Cab connected to tyre telematics

You can rely on TyreWatch to

  •  Show real-time visibility of every plant tyre
  •  Maximise machine uptime
  •  Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  •  Improve site safety for everyone
  •  Lower environmental impact

Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working

Tailored TyreWatch solutions

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You can rely on TyreWatch to

  •   Show real-time visibility of every plant tyre
  •   Maximise machine uptime
  •   Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  •   Improve site safety for everyone
  •   Lower environmental impact

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