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TyreWatch solutions

Our range of TyreWatch solutions are designed to ensure that your fleet thrives. Designed with powerful telematics at its heart to ensure you are continuously connected and in control. Benefit from smart insights into the precise condition of all your wheels and tyres. Removing the guesswork from your routine tyre maintenance. Preventing costly roadside tyre breakdowns with our advanced analytics. TyreWatch will seamlessly support your vehicles and trailers over every mile of every journey.

  TyreWatch TrailerSmart VanSmart PlantSmart
Works seamlessly with every tyre already fitted        
Continuous tyre monitoring        
Formula 1 style telematics        
Powerful artificial intelligence        
Drive fleet efficiency        
Stay one step ahead with routine maintenance        
Predicted time to critical        
Predict and prevent tyre failure        
GPS location        
Choice of smart wheel sensors        
Integration with vehicle data network        
Integration with other Telematic platforms        
Tyre Management        

Powerful technology

Work Smarter

TyreWatch is smart, simple to use and works seamlessly to understand your tyres.

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FIVE reasons to rely on TyreWatch

Discover the five key benefits TyreWatch brings to your business and to your fleet.

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TyreWatch work with all businesses keen to reduce risks, improve fleet efficiency and save money. 

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Tailored TyreWatch solutions

My TyreWatch web dashboard

TyreWatch features connected tyre technology at its heart. Connecting your vehicles and trailers on the open road directly with your fleet office. Helping you to make smart decisions to ensure your fleet delivers to schedule, to streamline your tyre maintenance, and to reduce truck tyre costs.

Your TyreWatch dashboard is accessed via our secure web portal. This provides easy access to your digital truck tyre platform from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone – for both your fleet management office and tyre maintenance team. TyreWatch will also seamlessly integrate with third-party telematic platforms.

Instantly see your real-time tyre report for your entire commercial vehicle fleet.

Truck tyre pressure management system on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles
Truck Tyre Pressure Management System Alerts

Focused alerts

We believe that truck tyre pressure management systems should keep everyone safe. That’s why TyreWatch only provides Red Critical Stop Alerts to the driver. Whilst your tyres and wheels are operating within safe operating margins – why distract the driver with a detailed graphic display to monitor?

Should TyreWatch detect any maintenance reports these are only communicated to the fleet management office and the tyre maintenance team. Allowing the driver to focus on the task of driving safely to deliver your goods or passengers.

  Web dashboard Cab
Green - Safe and efficient    
Yellow - Maintenance Alert    
Orange - Warning Alert    
Red - Critical Stop Alert    

Dashboard ready

TyreWatch can directly connect with the data network on your vehicles. All Red Critical Stop Alerts will be displayed on the OEM instrument panel – as though TyreWatch was factory-fitted.

Additionally, if your vehicles have onboard payload sensors, we can integrate the remote monitoring of axle weight into your TyreWatch solution.

Truck tyre pressure management system dashboard ready
truck tyre pressure management system uses smart wheel sensors

Smart wheel sensors

The TyreWatch commercial tyre pressure monitoring system is a powerful technology platform that operates with a range of wheel sensors:

  •   OEM tyre sensors fitted by truck manufacturers during production.
  •   TyreWatch internal sensors are securely mounted to the rim inside the tyre. Suitable for both steel and alloy wheels.
  •   TyreWatch external valve cap sensors are auto-calibrating and quickly installed.
  •   TyreWatch internal IPX8 waterproof sensors for use with heavy plant running water ballasted tyres.

Sensors will not need to be replaced when replacement tyres are fitted.

Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working

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You can rely on TyreWatch to

  •   Show real-time visibility of every tyre in your fleet
  •   Maximise vehicle uptime
  •   Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  •   Improve road safety for everyone
  •   Lower environmental impact

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