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About us

At TyreWatch we help our clients get the best fleet efficiency for their business. Everything we do is driven by the principle of giving you the best control over every wheel across your fleet. No matter where your vehicles and trailers are, TyreWatch will ensure you always remain connected and in control. Helping you to make smart decisions to ensure your fleet delivers to schedule, to streamline your tyre maintenance, and to reduce your costs. Our success in achieving this challenge has made TyreWatch the market-leading solution.

TyreWatch is the product of a lifetime’s experience working with businesses running commercial vehicle fleets. This unique insight required the union of continuous tyre monitoring, formula 1 style telematics and powerful artificial intelligence. An innovative solution that will deliver on the operational challenges every fleet faces daily.

Our connected tyre technology also delivers on the wider environmental challenges. Optimising rolling resistance will significantly reduce your fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. With the reduced friction preventing excessive and premature tyre tread wear; minimising particulate emissions (PM2.5) and microplastic tyre debris. On top of TyreWatch virtually eliminating premature tyre failure in your fleet, actively reducing the number of tyres manufactured.

In just 4 years, TyreWatch has gained clients across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. With strong support from our local networks, all clients benefit from the best fleet tyre management worldwide. Our digital truck tyre platform naturally integrates with well-known third party telematic platforms, typically solutions that leverage efficiency across operational, regulatory or performance.

TyreWatch is smart technology that is simple to use and proven to drive fleet efficiency.

TyreWatch - the best fleet tyre management system worldwide

Our mission

We wish to be the Globe’s leading digital tyre management solution which is fully connected, totally scalable using socially aware customer centric platforms and processes powered by evolving technologies now and in the future.

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Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working

Tailored TyreWatch solutions

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You can rely on TyreWatch to

  •   Show real-time visibility of every tyre in your fleet
  •   Maximise vehicle uptime
  •   Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  •   Improve road safety for everyone
  •   Lower environmental impact

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