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TyreWatch introduce cost-cutting safety solution for commercial van sector

TyreWatch, the commercial vehicle tyre management experts, have introduced a new version of their widely used VanSmart tyre monitoring system, to improve safety and reduce running costs for light commercial vehicle operators.

Aptly named, VanSmart II, the smart-technology system uses bespoke wheel sensors designed for the light vehicle sector, to monitor and detect potential tyre issues during typical van use - such as urban and ‘last mile’ deliveries - while also keeping a watch on general tyre status and performance over longer journeys.

TyreWatch Director, Glenn Sherwood explains:

“Our new VanSmart II system significantly reduces the risk of accidents caused by tyre wear or pressure loss and helps to maintain roadworthy vehicles and ensures a safe working environment for every driver.”

TyreWatch also point to the significant savings which the system brings by reducing the impact of tyre-related problems that can lead to vehicle downtime, premature replacement or missed appointments.

“Van tyres lead a challenging life,” continues Glenn, “especially during ‘last mile’ distribution, when making time-bound multi-drop deliveries and collections. The highly sensitive wheel sensors deployed by VanSmart II monitor a wide range of potential tyre problems and instantly inform of any threat to the tyre’s integrity.”

Glenn explains further that the telematic real-time reporting means the traffic office or fleet manager will be alerted to issues regarding any specific tyre and be able to take corrective action by calling the vehicle driver, even before they have any knowledge that something is wrong.

This type of advance warning, says TyreWatch, enables timely tyre maintenance or safe repair before any damage occurs - so minimising delivery disruptions and cost.

“Very often, these are the sort of things which are only picked up during daily inspections or maintenance intervals,” adds Glenn. “VanSmart II however, does it all automatically and with real-time visibility for every tyre in the fleet, it turns the tyre management process from reactive to proactive, which improves efficiency, ensures legal running and keeps everyone safe.”

Ideal for regional, utility, self-hire or blue light services, the new system also ensures that all tyres are always inflated to their correct pressure. This, says TyreWatch, allows vans to safely carry payloads at the given laden weight, while ensuring the vehicle accelerates, steers and brakes as the manufacturer intended.

According to TyreWatch, when VanSmart II is used with a typical 3.5 tonne vehicle, running 235\65 16 tyres, at an average mileage of 40,000 pa, savings of up to £1.80 per van per day can be made on fuel, tyre and maintenance costs.

“With this rate of cost reduction” adds Glenn Sherwood, “to say nothing of the carbon reduction and time-saving benefits – van operators can expect to see a return on investment in under one year, depending on their fleet size.”