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TyreWatch on the shortlist for Innovation at Motor Transport Awards

The Motor Transport Awards have announced the shortlist of finalists for 2021 and TyreWatch have been nominated as one of the contenders for the innovation award.

“With an incredibly strong field of entries, our judges have been able to recognise 52 outstanding companies who have been able to demonstrate innovation and excellence.”

Established over 5 years ago in Basingstoke, TyreWatch is an evolving digital tyre management platform which uses remote telematics technology to monitor and manage the wheels and tyres of ‘connected’ vehicles.

The TPMS (tyre pressure management system) is already widely used in the UK and other countries by HGV, PSV, Plant and LCV operators to reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs while cutting downtime, CO2, particulate emissions and the risk of breakdown or accidents.

Director Glenn Sherwood summarises what lead to the creation of their innovative product, “Our development team recognised the problems experienced by fleets when managing their drivers’ 15-minute daily walk-round vehicle checks and, based on industry research, we determined that 40% of daily checks were not being conducted properly.

This, says Glenn, lay behind the inspiration to create a system which is less driver dependent and gives fleet managers central control over their assets with regards to safety, compliance and maintenance etc. “Since the successful introduction of the TPMS system, our ‘connected technology’ has evolved to provide a range of remote monitoring solutions, one of which is a new vehicle wheel alignment system called AutoAlign, due for launch later this year.”

This dynamic vehicle alignment system enables fleet managers to continuously monitor the alignment status of the vehicle’s wheels during every journey and similar to the TyreWatch TPMS, AutoAlign monitors the vehicle’s wheel alignment. The result being that any misalignment issue can be detected and rectified before it has an environmental impact and becomes a costly problem for the operator.

TyreWatch system benefits in brief:

  • Save fuel - between 1-2%
  • Reduce CO2 emissions (2.68kg of CO2 per 1 litre of diesel)
  • Improve tyre life - anywhere between 10-30%
  • Reduce tyre wear particulate emissions, PM2.5 and PM10
  • Avoid 95% of tyre-related breakdowns
  • Improve overall fleet safety & compliance
  • Improve vehicle uptime and utilisation
  • Save on maintenance and workshop costs

The Motor Transport Awards 2021 Winners will be announced at West London's most prestigious venue - The Grosvenor House Hotel on Thursday 2 September 2021.

We shall keep you informed!