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As a professional fleet operator your commercial vehicles will already benefit from:

  •   daily walkaround visual checks
  •   regular air pressure correction and tyre inspections

However, the reality is visual inspections often fail to detect problems; especially as concealed inner wheels and trailers tend to receive less attention than HGV tractors. Whilst scheduled maintenance is too infrequent to detect early warning signs of tyre issues before they develop.

TyreWatch is smart connected tyre technology, that is simple to use and proven to improve the efficiency of vehicle fleets. It is engineered to continuously monitor and actively analyse your tyres – whilst your vehicles and trailers are working on the open road. Using real-time connectivity, you have instant visibility on the condition of every tyre in your fleet. Whilst our powerful artificial intelligence will detect tyre problems from the very start and before the issue can build.

TyreWatch is smart, simple to use and works seamlessly to understand your tyres.

Connected Tyre Technology - screen shots of Tyrewatch working on different devices

Learn how TyreWatch benefits your fleet and your business to:

Drive fleet efficiency


Safe and efficient Tyres

Tyres analysed by TyreWatch to be within safe margins – giving you a record of compliance and peace of mind.

You know these vehicles are operating efficiently, safely and with the lowest impact on the environment.

You know that no action is required by your fleet management office or tyre maintenance team.

Green status icon

Stay one step ahead with routine maintenance


Every tyre will naturally leak air through the casing over time; a pressure loss of about 3% per month should be expected. Commercial vehicles operating with under-inflated tyres are needlessly inefficient. They experience greater rolling resistance and friction – increasing fuel consumption and carbon emissions whilst also reducing their service life.

Tyres on truck being inflated
80% of fleets are running tyres at incorrect pressures UK Freight Industry Research
Scrolling view of our connected tyre technology system

Yellow Maintenance Alert

Since TyreWatch monitors your tyres in real-time, you benefit from continuously accurate pressure reports for all your vehicles and trailers. Your TyreWatch portal will display the tyres across your fleet which are:

  •   under or above their recommended pressure (but within safe operating margins)

to your fleet management office or tyre maintenance team.

TyreWatch Yellow tyre maintenance alert

This visibility provides a precise list of tyres across all your vehicles and trailers that need to have their air pressure corrected. As well as those within safe operating margins that need no maintenance. We call this 'digital servicing by exception' – saving your tyre maintenance team the time-consuming task of carefully checking every single tyre.

You are firmly in control as TyreWatch constantly calculates an accurate time to critical with our artificial intelligence. Enabling you to choose when to correct the pressures – in scheduled downtime or at the next planned maintenance inspection. But always before the issue would have become obvious at daily visual inspections or noticeable in the vehicle’s handling, braking and stability.

Connected tyre technology for your whole fleet of trucks
Graph showing incorrect tyre pressures waste fuel

Incorrect air pressure reduces your miles per gallon

Graph showing shortened tyre lifespan

Incorrect air pressure dramatically shortens tyre service life

TyreWatch ensures your fleet consistently operates with the correct tyre pressures – through optimising the task of pressure correction. This will reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs in your business, which combine to lower your environmental impact.

Identify slowly escalating tyre issues


Incidents of tyre damage can happen at any time. With the condition of urban, regional and national trunk roads continuing to deteriorate. Increasing levels of debris on the roads and fast-paced service hubs. As well as traffic congestion often resulting in accidental kerbing. It is no surprise that your tyres remain the most common cause of avoidable roadside failure.

Connected tyre technology to keep your truck deliveries on time
55% of tyre failure caused by road debris
55% of tyre failures are caused by road debris or from debris picked up on your premises – Highways England

Orange Warning Alert

TyreWatch is smart technology that continuously monitors every tyre throughout every mile of every journey. This enables our artificial intelligence to detect any tyres operating with:

  •   slow but consistent pressure loss
  •   modest temperature increases

from the very start and before the issue can build.

Should TyreWatch analyse slow but consistent pressure loss, our artificial intelligence will calculate an accurate prediction of the time to critical; based on the current data. Should it detect modest temperature increase without any pressure loss, this could indicate a mechanical issue – such as a binding brake, hub failure, damaged suspension, or an uneven load.

Tyrewatch Orange status alert - Pressure

Tyrewatch Orange status alert icon - Temperature

The Orange Warning Alert will be instantly communicated to both your fleet management office and your maintenance team. Whilst the vehicle or trailer can safely continue its journey under our continuous protective watch.

This early intervention will enable safe and timely repair when the vehicle arrives at its destination. Significantly before the under-inflated tyre or mechanical issue would negatively influence the vehicle’s handling, braking and stability – or become obvious at daily visual checks.

Connected Tyre Technology keeping your Trucks safe on the road
40% of HGV accidents due to tyre failure - prevent with Connected Tyre Technology
40% of HGV accidents are due to tyre failure The UK Department of Transport
Prevent failed truck tyres - use TyreWatch connected tyre technology

Left unidentified, this could have escalated into a costly roadside breakdown and potentially premature tyre replacement. Clients report that TyreWatch prevents 95% of tyre-related breakdowns compared with pre-installation statistics.

TyreWatch will minimise the risk of tyre failure in your fleet.

Predict and prevent potential tyre failure


TyreWatch features powerful artificial intelligence to rapidly identify escalating tyre issues. The driver is alerted to stop well before this could negatively influence the vehicle’s handling, braking and stability. Preventing costly roadside tyre breakdowns and removing the risk of the tyre overheating and starting to break up, or to even blow out with potentially disastrous results.

TyreWatch sends driver alerts for serious tyre problems whilst on the road

Red Critical Stop Alert

TyreWatch is designed to continuously monitor every tyre in real-time. This enables our artificial intelligence to detect rapidly escalating issues:

  •   rapid pressure loss (greater than 5 psi loss in 15 seconds)
  •   tyre temperature exceeding 90˚C

from the very start and before the issue can build.

Should TyreWatch detect rapid pressure loss or high temperature levels – with or without pressure variations – it immediately communicates a Red Critical Stop Alert to the driver, your fleet management office and your mobile tyre service provider.

A high temperature level without any pressure loss could indicate a rapidly escalating mechanical issue – such as a binding brake, hub failure or damaged suspension.

TyreWatch Red status alert - Tyre Pressure
TyreWatch Red status alert - Tyre Temperature

This early intervention will enable the driver to stop whilst still in full control of the vehicle or trailer. With ample time to choose a safe location away from fast-moving traffic before the situation escalates – improving road safety for everyone. As well as potentially saving the tyre from being damaged beyond the limits of repair.

Truck dashboard showing tyre warning icon
Wing mirror with wireless icon
Dash board with red wireless icon
reduce road deaths by using TyreWatch connected tyre technology
32 people were killed or seriously injured due to illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres – 2016 UK motorway road traffic accidents
Connected Tyre Technology shows a map with location marked

Your fleet management office and tyre service provider know the precise GPS coordinates of the stricken vehicle, the specific axle and wheel location, together with the replacement tyre policy. This enables rapid and coordinated action to be taken to get the vehicle back into operation quickly.

TyreWatch will minimise the risk, downtime and cost of roadside tyre failure.

95% of tyre related breakdowns prevented with TyreWatch connected tyre technology
95% of tyre-related breakdowns prevented compared with pre-installation statistics –

Powerful reporting

TyreWatch provides powerful real-time monitoring for your tyres. TyreWatch also provides powerful reporting across your historical tyre data. This can help your business make better decisions on vehicle routing, the performance of one tyre brand or specification against another, even the impact different manufacturers vehicles have on tyre performance.

TyreWatch connected tyre technology is proven to reduce truck tyre costs across your fleet.

Fleet management using TyreWatch Connected Tyre Technology

Tailored TyreWatch solutions

Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working

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You can rely on TyreWatch to

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  •   Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  •   Improve road safety for everyone
  •   Lower environmental impact

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