A TPMS that sees more than most
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Tyrewatch Truck TPMS system keeps your fleet delivering to customers on time, every time!

Your customers are key

The TyreWatch truck TPMS system is responsible for keeping commercial vehicle fleets like yours moving and delivering on your promises to your customers.

One of our largest partners is a global parcel and freight company. With a time-critical UK operation of 3,000 to 5,000 customer consignments being moved and sorted for distribution every day, it's paramount that their fleet stays mobile.

Historically, they were experiencing 29 roadside failures every year with their trunking fleet. During the first six months after installation of our tyre pressure monitoring for commercial vehicles, this number was reduced to just two caused by unavoidable debris on the road. TyreWatch TPMS delivered a failure reduction of over 85%, at a price of just 70 pence per day. We also detected five non urgent issues, which were quickly remedied before they became serious.

Trust the TyreWatch TPMS system to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your goods, services and passengers – on time, every time. Our clients include some of the worlds most renowned logistics companies, commercial transport fleets, PSV/coach operators, and even off-highway plant used in ports and civil engineering.

Your customers are key; don't keep them waiting. Tyres needn't be the reason for roadside failure.

Monitor | Inform | Prevent

+44 (0)330 332 8247

Whether you're operating in the UK or further afield, TyreWatch is designed to give fleet operators complete peace of mind.

1. Welcome to our world

We understand that every fleet operator's daily challenge is to deliver their goods, services and passengers on time, every time.


2. Peace of mind

Continuous real-time monitoring to catch early warning signs of failure before they develop


3. Engineered for your fleet

Every TyreWatch installation is configured to the individual specifications of each vehicle


4. Your customers are key

TyreWatch is responsible for keeping fleets like yours delivering on your promises to your customers


5. Return on investment

From just 70 pence per day, we can deliver an 85% reduction in roadside failures - and that's just the beginning


6. Benefits and FAQs

With TyreWatch you'll enjoy a range of benefits that drive greater value into your vehicle fleet

Tyrewatch - tyre pressure monitoring for commercial vehicles

A tyre monitoring system that sees more than most

monitor: pressure, temperature, speed and location
inform: the driver and fleet operator of potential issues
prevent: avoidable roadside failures and downtime